A night time stroll through Paris

November 2017

With a little pre-planning, my business trips allow a little time to see historic architecture, scenery and landmarks.  Usually, it is only a few hours and this trip was no exception. 

This was my first trip to Paris, and after a little research, I routed a walk from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame along the River Seine.


A chilly fall morning at Lake Allatoona

September 2017

I was experimenting withe Fujifilm GFX 50S medium format camera on a early, and chilly, fall morning.  The photos were taken at dawn and hardly any post processing was done.  The only adjustment I made was to the white balance of the camera for the blue-ish looking picture.  The colors were naturally spectacular that morning!

I am a Fuji convert and really am enjoying the GFX camera.  The resolution and dynamic range of this medium format digital is truly amazing!